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The Collaborative Touring Network (CTN) believes in the power and possibility of live performance.

Established in 2013, we are a growing collective of organisations based in Wigan, Torbay, Thanet, Peterborough, Gloucester, Scarborough, Bradford and Stoke-on-Trent. We work with artists and communities to make and tour life-affirming, soul-shaking, perspective-changing shows.

Over the next year, the Collaborative Touring Network is working with disabled-led arts company Touretteshero, to make and tour a new live and digital show nationally.

We are also looking to expand our network, and are seeking new partners to join our collective.

View the links below to find out more, and contact Director Rosie Scudder if you are interested in learning more about our work.

Find Out More

If you have any questions about the network, or require any of the information on this site in different formats, please contact CTN Project Director rosies@theoldcourts.com

Three people stare directly at the camera and are each wearing different coloured, knitted balaclavas where only their eyes and mouths are exposed. They are all wearing black stab vests with the words ‘NO DNR’ stencilled onto the vests in white paint. Charmaine is on the left of the image. She is wearing a knitted green balaclava and blue knitted snood. Chopin is on the right of the image. She is wearing a red and orange knitted balaclava. She is tugging the top of the stab vest with her left hand. Jess is in the centre of the image between Charmaine and Chopin and is staring straight at the camera.  She is wearing a blue and pink knitted balaclava.
A photo taken a moment after a confetti cannon has gone off at Touretteshero's event Brewing in Battersea in 2018. Children, young people and adults have their hands raised in the air joyfully looking upward and smiling whilst confetti falls all around them. Credit: Kevin Moran

Since forming in 2013, the Collaborative Touring Network has toured the work of more than 40 exceptional artists and companies to over 100,000 people nationally.

We think touring live performance is most impactful when it is invited into places where community is already happening. We create local partnerships and put on shows in unlikely spaces: from car parks, to nightclubs, rooftops to community centres.

Over the next 3 years, we want to support artists in both the making and touring of their work. Collaborating with our communities, and as a network, we want to work with artists to create and tour shows that resonate with people and which move them; to laughter, to tears, to dance, to action.


Who we are

A Growing Collective
of Organisations

The Collaborative Touring Network is currently Doorstep Arts (Torbay). Jumped Up Theatre (Peterborough). Looping the Loop (Thanet). The Old Courts (Wigan). GL4 (Gloucester). Arcade (Scarborough). Mind the Gap (Bradford) &
Restoke (Stoke-on-Trent).

Since 2013, The Collaborative Touring Network partnership has evolved through many stages and has included 14 organisations to date. These organisations include the partners named above and also: Battersea Arts Centre, Strike a Light, Heads Up Festival, Luxi, Out There Arts and Lyrici Arts.